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This book also known as "The Bible" is the first book every aspiring backgammon player should read. The Bible explains clearly how to play good backgammon in a way that no book will sooner or later have been completely matched. It contains rules for when to play boldy and when to play safe. Many other basic (and som not so basic) concepts explained. The author leads readers on the path from novice to competent player. A masterpiece of such scope, insight and above all clarity, that it still has the power to amaze the uninitiated.

Paul Magriel, Backgammon World Champion and New York Times backgammon columnist, is acknowledged to be the game's greatest theoretician. Mr. Magriel attended Exeter, was a National Science Foundation Fellow at Princeton University, and a Professor of Mathematics. A former New York State chess champion, he appears regularly as a lecturer and consultant and has been teaching backgammon for fifteen years.

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Author / Authors Paul and Renée Magriel
ISBN 0-8129-0615-2
Publisher Clock & Rose Press
Year and Country 2004 in the United States of America
Binding Softcover
Pages 404 p
Size 250 x 170 x 25 mm
Language English
Player Level Beginners - Advanced
Weight 715 kg

Backgammon Book 404 p "Backgammon"

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