• Chess Clock DGT Merex 600 in Black Digital (4674)

Digital Chess Clock DGT Merex 600, AN 4674 /

Merex 600 is the DGT 2010 little brother and manufactured by DGT especially for Philos which stands for production. It has the same features as the 2010, but it costs less expensive because it does not stand FIDE logo on the clock.

DGT 2010 Chess Clock Manual 6 languages pdf

See "Specification" for details.

Size / Measure 200 x 110 x 60 mm
Type / Class Digital, chess clock
Total weight of the product 0.8 kg
Form / Design / Material Plastic case in black and white
Manufacturer DGT (digital game technology) Holland
Batteries Two batteries AA 1,5 V
Packaging Gift box
Guarantee 5 years manufacturer warranty
Transport safety Protected and insured transport
Manual Instructions in English, French, German and Russian

Chess Clock DGT Merex 600 in Black Digital

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