Exclusive Game Set, Tow in One, AN 72141 /

This game set contains everything you need in a stylish box with storage for all game pieces. Italfamas designer has stripped away all unnecessary details and invested in a classic design with a high quality feel that is also clean and clear. Chess board made of elm, field size 40 mm. Chessmen of Brass and Boxwood, Staunton design. King 75 mm.

See "Specification" for details.

Outer measure 420 x 420 x 60 mm
Total weight of the product 6.8 kg
Form / Design / Material Not foldable exclusive game set made of elm, maple, boxwood and brass
Chess board material and design Chess board made of elm with inlays of maple and elm
Size of the chess board 420 x 420 x 16 mm
The chess boards playing field Field size 40 mm without chess notation.
Chessmen size King height 75 mm, Base diameter 25 mm
Chessmen design / material Staunton design made of boxwood and brass
Weighting and sole Weighted chessmen wih felt base
Game pieces Draughts pieces made of brass and iron
Storage Wooden box, with 32 compartments for chessmen and 2 for draughts pieces
Packaging Italfama original gift box
Guarantee 10 years manufacturer warranty
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Chess & Draughts Not Foldable ML Elegant

  • Brand: Italfama
  • Product Code: 72141
  • Availability: 15 days delivery

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